About Real Estate Advisory, L.L.C.

Since 1991, Real Estate Advisory, LLC (REA) has earned a national reputation as a premier commercial real estate due diligence firm.

REA was forged as a transactional consulting firm. We are not an environmental firm. We are not an engineering firm. We are not a construction firm. We are a management firm that applies the expertise necessary to identify and then simplify complex environmental and structural issues to allow our clients to achieve successful real estate transactions.

REA’s genesis followed the 1988 federal court decision in United States v. Fleet Factors. Lenders had believed that they were excluded from environmental liability under Superfund. But following foreclosure, Fleet Factors was held liable for environmental response costs associated with hazardous waste and asbestos. As a result, lenders began requiring environmental due diligence before lending or foreclosing on commercial real estate.

REA was formed in response to the demand for environmental due diligence created by Fleet Factors. But from the onset, REA’s founders understood that commercial real estate due diligence demanded more than a narrow environmental focus. By combining expertise in environmental law, industrial hygiene, construction management and investment banking, REA began as an amalgam of the diverse expertise required by commercial real estate.

REA’s lineage has defined its mission statement: We reduce complex environmental and construction issues to simple business decisions.

REA now serves owners, property managers, lawyers and lenders involved with commercial real estate. We have the diverse expertise required to address the variety of issues related to the environmental and physical condition of any commercial property. We are located nationally and will quickly respond to your needs.

“REA’s added value is its collection of multiple disciplines within one firm. REA’s people can address the diverse issues required by commercial real estate due diligence. In 1998, REA expanded its expertise by adding Remedial Solutions, LC. To supplement our due diligence, we can manage environmental remediation including radon, SVE, contaminated soil and impacted groundwater.”

Kevin Simmons
Founder & Managing Member
REA Remedial Solutions, LC
REA Tampa since 1998