REA is collecting.

We succeed if our clients succeed. We collect professionals who are focused on the client’s success.

The quality of our work depends on the quality of our people. To ensure the success of our clients, we collect the best people. We then commit to their professional growth and financial stability.

REA believes in employees. We cannot ensure our clients’ success by using independent contractors. Our clients trust REA to assign experienced professionals that are qualified, committed to the client’s success and insured.

REA’s employees enjoy competitive salaries, continuing education, matching 401(k) contributions and subsidized health, dental and vision insurance. To ensure a cooperative focus on the client, our employees enjoy revenue sharing.

We retain and develop our employees. We invest in continuous performance improvement. We collect people with diverse expertise. We then commit to their development and professional diversification.

Our clients’ success demands diverse expertise. We need professional architects, engineers, lawyers, estimators, geologists, industrial hygienists, construction supervisors, hazardous waste managers, chemists, remedial contractors and environmental scientists.

Our clients’ success demands dispersed resources and local knowledge. We need people where we are not currently located.

If you can focus on the success of the client, please introduce yourself to REA. Please visit our resume upload page to submit your resume for consideration.

“REA has assembled a unique team with a wealth of experience. This experience enables REA to provide clients with a solutions-driven service in a highly competent and caring manner.”

Joe Donaldson, AIA
Architect & Senior Project Manager
REA Dallas since 2001