Why Choose REA?


    Since our clients are involved in transactions related to commercial real estate, we are a transactional firm. That means we perform our services consistent with the needs of the underlying deal. We understand the importance of the calendar. We understand the importance of delivering an unambiguous report that simplifies complex issues to allow informed business decisions.


    Our client’s deal with real estate that is located across the nation. Therefore, our employees are located across the nation in major cities with access to regional airports. Our dispersion cuts time and cost while increasing local knowledge.


    Our clients depend on our opinions to make important business decisions. The quality of our opinions depends on the quality of our employees. We do not use independent contractors. We collect the best people then commit to their professional development.


    All REA projects are managed from Chicago. A call to 800-347-7807 provides immediate access to project intelligence.


    Our assessments define the physical condition of improvements and provide budgets for immediate needs and maintenance over the life of the loan. As your agent, we ensure the success of remedial construction projects.


    Since we do not use independent contractors, REA’s clients can speak directly to any professional assigned to their project. And our centralized project management ensures a timely response to any client requests.

“The plumb bob epitomizes the philosophy underlying REA’s approach to our reports. Our clients need simple, accurate solutions.”

Steve Sheppard
Senior Project Manager
REA Boston since 1998